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Car servicing can vary, but at Scott’s Garage, we focus on what matters most – your safety and your car’s performance. Our services go beyond the minimum, using high-quality parts and the expertise of our certified technicians. You’ll benefit from: Thorough inspections following manufacturer guidelines. Extended car life by preventing future problems. Confidence on the road knowing your car is running optimally.

How do you know if your vehicle needs an oil change?

At Scott’s Garage, we believe in taking a proactive approach to car maintenance. While some manufacturers recommend longer oil change intervals, we recommend more frequent changes to optimize engine performance and longevity.

Here’s what we recommend:

    • Oil Change & Filter Replacement: Get this essential service every year or at 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. This ensures your engine has clean oil free from contaminants that can build up from modern fuels and driving habits.
    • Listen to Your Car: Be mindful of changes in engine performance, like unusual noises or a rough idle. These could be signs your oil needs changing, even if you haven’t reached the recommended mileage.

Why More Frequent Changes?

Modern car engines are more complex than ever, and today’s fuels and driving conditions can put additional stress on them. Frequent oil changes help:

    • Reduce Wear and Tear: Clean oil lubricates engine parts efficiently, minimizing friction and wear.
    • Prevent Breakdowns: Dirty oil can lead to overheating and sludge build-up, potentially causing costly repairs.
  • Extend Engine Life: Regular oil changes are key to keeping your engine running smoothly for longer.

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